Born Oslo, 18 Aug 1963, Norwegian national

Bestumveien 21a
N-0281 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 9220 6628

Lawyer, focus on technology and media, worked as civil servant, in private sector and in law practice/barrister.
2009-present Independent legal work, consultancy, including:
  • International human rights, cross-border, technology/law.
  • Norid (.no dns registry, contract): blocking and seizing domain names, legal, policy and routine issues: questions related to Pirate Bay, Popcorn Time etc.
  • Various board positions, including literary foundation archiving and digitising texts/manuscripts.
  • University examiner law/technology/IP.
  • Various EU tasks, MoU for European network of Safer Internet nodes, paper on Notice and Take Down of Abuse Content, evaluator and reviewer for e-Content and Safer Internet.
2003-2009 General law practice: Law offices of Rognlien, Djønne: Broad legal and court experience: international issues, technology, media, content, privacy, intellectual property, defamation, criminal law, human rights, civil law and evaluation/reviews EU. Self-regulation agreement: ISP/LEA filter abuse content: CSAADF.
2002-2003 Project contracts: Internet policy and EU related work, project contracts for:
  • Norwegian Board of Film Classification: Content in new media.
  • Oxford University: IAPCODE project and editor website on self regulation.
2000-2002 Director Europe, Internet Content Rating Association: development of a voluntary labelling system for the Internet based on a culturally neutral labelling syntax and meta-data.
1997-2000 Seconded to the European Commission Services, Luxembourg (END)
1995-2000 Assistant Director General, Strategic Unit, Civil Dept, Ministry of Justice
Heading unit with strategic and administrative responsibilities:
  • National registries Brønnøysund (liens, company, accounts etc).
  • Privacy / data protection, unit was instance of appeal for Data Inspectorate decisions.
  • Legal gazette/legal database, Lovdata foundation, legal information retrieval systems.
  • Land information management / Land register (Norsk Eiendomsinfomasjon).
  • Mediation Boards, extra-judiciary conflict resolution mechanisms.
  • Name law, unit was instance of appeal for county decisions.
  • Miscellaneous other dossiers.
1992-1995 Executive officer, senior executive officer and adviser, Ministry of Justice
Planning Unit, Civil Department: Policy and administrative questions for national registers, co-ordination of development of computer systems for the Courts of Law. Working party on the selection, archiving and presentation of court decisions in legal information retrieval systems (Council of Europe, GJ-IJ GT VII).
1989-1992 Research assistant and lecturer, University of Oslo
Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law, Faculty of Law: Lecturing on legal information retrieval, research project The use of computers in legal education. Network responsible: Unix/multi OS.
1985-1992 Part time employment to finance legal education: Norwegian Central Registry of Stocks and Bonds, legal department; University of Oslo, legal computer laboratory; Central Bank of Norway, security guard; Stor-Oslo Rengjøringsservice, cleaning jobs.
1983-1984 Corporal, Norwegian Military Mission, NATO HQ, Brussels (National Service)
1982-1983 Print shop, Forsvarets Datasentral (National Defence Computer Centre)
1997-present Examiner for various master theses on issues related to technology and law (copyright, privacy, legal information retrieval, cloud computing, grooming, privacy etc), University of Oslo and INN University.
2011-2012 Papers and consultancy on Notice and Take Down for EU.
2007 Selvmordsfare og Internett (Suicide Risks and the Internet), with Andreas Galtung. Book on self-regulatory and regulatory approaches to illegal and harmful content, with an emphasis on suicide incitement. Published by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo.
1995 Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law anthology 1995: Organising Information.
1990-1991 Research project for the Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law, The Use of Computers in Legal Education, (NO), book based on a study of law-schools in the United Kingdom and the United States, financed by the Ministry of Education, published TANO 1991, submitted as thesis for law degree.
1990 Editor of Computers and Law anthology, published TANO 1990.
1992 Law degree (Cand Jur), Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.
1985 Preparatory exam in philosophy, Examen Philosophicum, University of Oslo.
1983 Naval Training Centre, KNM Harald Haarfagre, Stavanger (National Service).
1982 Examen Artium, Oslo Handelsgymnasium (secondary school).
1980- Miscellaneous courses include: Bar exam and other legal courses, Scuba-diving, Job Control Language, Course for representatives of military units, French (Centre Culturel Francais).
1986-present Board member/chair:
  • Various societies, non-profits and foundations (maritime, literary, etc).
  • Steering-groups, working-parties, committees (mostly technology).
  • President of the Student Union, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo (1987-88).
  • Det akademiske kollegium (University Board), University of Oslo (1988).
  • Platoon- and company representative, (1983).
  • President of the Student Council, Oslo Handelsgymnasium (1981).

Communication: Speech-/ghostwriter, chairing conferences, reporting/minutes, moderating debates, mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Computer literacy: broad experience operating systems, applications, Internet/web technologies/standards, html, css, svg.

Interests: skiing, reading, nature conservation, cycling, sailing, navigation, cooking, travelling, off-grid technologies, photography, architecture, 3D modelling etc.
Norwegian: Mother tongue
English: Fluent
French: Read, basic conversation
German: Read, basic conversation
  Understand Scandinavian languages, superficial understanding other EU languages.